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  • Empowering coaches, therapists, social workers and other professionals by providing specialized skills-building education and training for more effective support of clients' addiction recovery priorities and sober life management goals

  • Enhancing professional standards for addiction recovery support through provision of premium education and training, and partnerships with credentialing and oversight organizations

  • Envisioning a complete continuum of care for people with substance use disorders

Coaching if you want to


  • Become your true, authentic self

  • Elevate your self-esteem or self-confidence

  • Change your career or find a new job

  • Find your greatest potential – personally, professionally, or both

  • Develop some organization and time management tools to apply at home and at work

  • Get support if you or someone you love is facing a substance abuse issue

  • Address relationship or family issues

  • Learn self-care skills

  • Resolve obstacles or roadblocks that are getting in the way of you being the happiest, most fulfilled, most productive person you can be

Training if you want to


  • Build your skills & knowledge about addiction and recovery

  • Continue your professional development

  • Extend your professional services

  • Compile CEUs and renew your professional license

  • Enhance your resume

  • Refocus or change your career

  • Explore entrepreneurial options

  • Network with your professional peers

  • Bridge the service gap in the continuum of care for persons with substance use disorders

  • Help dispel stigma and shame around addiction and recovery

  • Support excellence in the coaching profession

Mentoring if you want to


  • Practice self care and efficacy as a service provider

  • Monitor and develop your performance as a professional

  • Leverage the experience of professional mentors

  • Share and evaluate issues and dilemmas in your practice

  • Identify additional communications skills and strategies

  • Improve and assure quality of client care

  • Enhance your interactions with clients

  • Address potential burnout in your professional role

  • Connect classroom theory and service delivery

  • Promote ethical standards in the field

  • How can I identify when clients are recovering from active addiction?
  • How does the addiction recovery process affect the coaching engagement?
  • How do I use new language to improve communication with recovering clients?
Ruth and Amy's October training in NYC demystifies addiction and recovery, and develops coaching skills, language and tools to respond effectively to clients in addiction recovery.
Participants expand their understanding and gain confidence in applying this learning in both their professional and personal lives.  
Register here. Places are strictly limited.
In Other News

Our thanks to the International Coach Federation for hosting the first of our educational series for coaches looking to deepen their understanding and practice of addiction and support their recovering clients.  The May 2016 webinar was a great success!


Irish America magazine celebrated its second annual Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 Awards Reception, co-hosted with ICON plc, on October 7, 2015 in Manhattan.  Ruth Riddick, pictured with Irish America co-founder Niall O'Dowd, was honored as a pioneer in addiction treatment.


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