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  • Custom designed training programs

  • Convenient classroom and digital platforms

  • Completion certifications and CEUs

  • Affordable pricing and payment plans

  • High quality training materials

  • Experienced and talented trainers


Sobriety Together TM 

Founded in 2004 by certified experiential educator, Ruth Riddick, to offer custom designed and needs-based education and training programs utilizing sociometry, sociodrama, and mixed-media activities (artwork, breathing exercises, meditation, small group discussion, role play, written exercises, brainstorming, plenary processing, etc.) to explore a range of recovery education issues.  Based on group work and peer healing principles developed by J.L. Moreno, originator of psychodrama.


In 2015, Ruth partnered with ICF Associate Certified Coach, Amy Bloustine, develop and delivering an innovative continuing education training model to support coaches working with addiction recovery.


Specialized trainings include the following.  We personalize all trainings to suit professional and organizational goals.



Engaging with Addiction Recovery

A specially developed continuing credit curriculum for professional life coaches.  Addiction Recovery management is increasingly being understood as a client priority in successful daily living, a priority which may present challenges for support professionals, such as coaches, who are not themselves in recovery and may not know how to work with addiction. These challenges do not preclude engagement with the client in recovery. The purpose of this training is to demystify addiction and recovery, and to develop coaching skills, language and tools to respond effectively to such clients. Participants expand their understanding of these issues and gain confidence in applying this learning in both their professional and personal lives.   


Recovery Coaching for Addiction Treatment Support

Empowering addiction treatment professionals through custom training and supporting extension of service on the continuum of care.


Implementing Core Values for Recovery Treatment Professionals

Investigating deep rooted and often unacknowledged prejudices which unconsciously impact clinical practice.  Offered in strictest confidence and a safe environment  


Developing a Culture of Philanthropy in the Recovery Treatment Sector

Managing strategic development and internal communications to identify additional and diverse income streams and ensure complete organizational support.


Building Leadership in the Social Profit Board

Identifying opportunities for strategic development, skills building, and board recruitment to enhance organizational leadership and effectiveness.




Learn How to Coach Clients in Addiction Recovery | NYC

One-Day Professional Training Program for Certified Coaches

Monday, October 24, 2016


Caron, 244 E 58th Street, NYC

In partnership with the International Coach Federation, we presented a teleclass for ICF coaches looking to deepen their understanding and practice of addiction and support their recorering clients in May 2016.


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