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Amy Bloustine life and career coaching


A.C., Personal Trainer and Student

“I approached Amy because I was really unhappy with my work situation, but I did not know how to change it. She helped me by teaching me to face my fears and self-limiting beliefs and through her great and inventive tools I was able to change them and gather courage to take the leap. The result was a complete life transformation where I was able to make the necessary changes to move forward in life. One thing I liked is Amy's enthusiasm and how she always keeps it positive. Thank you Amy for helping me transform my life and for helping me find myself and happiness again!”


A.H.J., Education Management
Amy exceeded all of my expectations. She is a tremendous coach and champion with a broad range of expertise. Amy offered me her undivided time and attention. She is organized, flexible and genuinely interested in helping her clients realize their individual potential. Together, we polished my resume and devised a plan for advancing my career and interests. Amy helped me gain the confidence I needed to seek out new roles and explore options in a variety of sectors. In the end, I was able to obtain a coveted role and am currently flourishing on the job. Thank you, Amy, for being such a great advocate and guide!" 



Thank you so much for all of your time and attention. You have helped me make so many positive changes. I really felt validated in my feelings, but also encouraged to evolve through my challenges instead of surrendering to them.  You are an amazing coach, and all of your clients will be fortunate to work with you!


B.A., Digital Play Designer

"Being laid off is a deflating process.  Even though the experience is commonplace, it leaves one feeling isolated. Working with Amy was like being revived!  Her directed empathy empowered me to champion my experiences instead of sulking in defeat. Conversations with Amy lead to introspection that allowed me to get excited about a process I previously found daunting.  She is a superb career coach and I recommend her services highly!"


C.R., Commercial Real Estate

"As a working mother with a lot of things to juggle, Amy has been TREMENDOUS in helping me organize everything and strategize about how to accomplish my goals while also addressing what’s holding me back. I cannot say enough good things about how great Amy is and what a positive experience it has been working with her. She’s wonderful!"

E.B., Executive Assistant
Amy is the perfect blend of confidant and coach. Within 10 minutes of our first session I knew I was in good hands. I came to Amy wanting to make a career change, but I had no idea what that career was. Amy gave me the tools and support that I needed to look outside the box and be confident of my capabilities. She is extremely approachable, smart, knowledgeable and someone whom you will trust when making big decisions. I am thankful to Amy for helping me along the very challenging journey of making a career change. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to do the work in order to improve their life.”

J.J., Director of Communications and News
"I really enjoyed working with Amy.  I have done "therapy" before, but coaching was entirely different as it allowed me to look forward and set goals for myself, rather than hyper-focusing on the past.  She helped me gain insights into personal roadblocks and gave me the tools and strategies to make positive change in my life.  I highly recommend Amy and life coaching to anyone feeling stuck or seeking change.”


K.H., Real Estate Broker

Amy has been instrumental in helping me define my life’s vision and implementing the action steps necessary to achieve my vision.  Her coaching style is casual yet straight forward to ascertain progress towards my goals are made.  She has a knack for inspiring me to stay true to myself.  I highly recommend Amy Bloustine to anyone who is ready to begin the journey towards creating their best life.”


L.D., Program Manager
"After moving back to New York after spending time in Denver I was having a harder time than I thought I would finding a job. I also felt burned out from my previous employment and was trying to take my career in a different direction. I was lucky to have been referred to Amy for coaching. Amy helped me establish what was important to me, what skills I had and helped me develop my confidence so that I could take the next steps. She taught me new interview and networking techniques and most importantly led me back to my core values and interests. In a time when I felt very overwhelmed, Amy helped me focus and showed me how I could use my skills and experience in new and different ways. I'm now employed at a nonprofit that aligns wholly with my passions where I feel confident in my abilities and open to growth. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who feels stuck or is struggling to find their place in their career and wants to make a change."


"Amy was a tremendous help in encouraging me to push through some dense fog that I had wandered into during a major life transition. She helped me to skillfully zero in on real versus imagined roadblocks. From there we set out to move the real boulders out of the way. I am grateful to her for her encouragement, insight, and the right amount of shove she gave me to get unstuck!! A great experience working with her."


R.A., Senior Organizer
"Amy's coaching helped me get through a really tough career transition. Her coaching equipped me to identify what was really important to me in my next job, compare my options, and negotiate from my values. In my new role, Amy helped me identify my strengths and figure out how to build on them as well as create a plan for continued growth in my career trajectory. Amy is both loving as a coach and willing to push her clients to be their best selves." 


R.T., Doula

Thank you so much for equipping me with the tools I needed to be successful, both personally and professionally. I really feel like my life has changed since our sessions started. I am much more secure in my relationship and that is such an amazing feeling!”

V.S., Pilates Instructor

Coaching with Amy is a catalytic experience! Her compassionate listening and positive guidance help you create strategies for manifesting a life that is uniquely yours. Amy is able to intuitively sense and intelligently identify the obstacles and opportunities in your path. Through her sessions she empowers and supports you to take the necessary steps for change and growth!






  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)  International Coach Federation


  • Certified Life Coach 

        New York University


  • Certified Career Coach

        Five O’Clock Club


  • ​Trained Recovery Coach



  • BA in Psychology and minor in Business

        Westminster College


  • M.Ed in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in At-Risk Youth Texas A&M University



May 2016

Business Innovators

January 2016

ICF-NY Featured Coach

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